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Wark Street Commons


Situated on Kings Street just west of Quadra, the Wark Street Commons is a much loved park with both playground and an edible plant garden. A couple of years ago the Wark Street commons was transitioned to a pollinator garden from edibles. While there are still edibles the focus has changed. It is frequented year round by kids and parents in the neighbourhood enjoying a coffee from Fantastico, using the playground or harvesting edible plants.

Rock Bay Creek flows in culverts beneath the park which explains why some sections tend to be rather wet at certain times of the year.


The Commons is named for John Wark who anglicized his name to Work. A factor of the Hudson's Bay company, he owned a large swath of land he named Hillside Farm.

This is another site where the city might add a water feature as part of the initiative to daylight portions of Rock Bay Creek.


Evergreen Terrace


Blanshard Courts was built in 1970 as social housing, later updated and renamed to Evergreen Terrace. After a fire damaged a row of townhouses along Hillside, that section was redeveloped with modular housing for First Nations, Inuit and Metis women.


Rock Bay Creek runs below this site so this is another place where a water feature could be included. Eventually this site will be redeveloped and this is the time to envision ways to include daylighting in the planning and design process for the Quadra Village area.

Mural Project

We are in the very early stages of planning a series of murals on the walls of the Liquor Distribution Branch building at 2219 Government Street. The building sits just beside the paved-over Finlayson Falls on what is now Queens Avenue. Our plan is to sponsor a mural depicting the falls along with side panels of a Lekwungen village, the early Fort Victoria, along with the original flora and fauna of the site.

Rock Bay - Finlayson Falls mural proposa
Rock Bay - Finlayson Falls mural proposa

"Photoshopped" as an example

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